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Securicore has secured contracts from local markets and exporters to farm over 3000 ha of chilli varieties. The company is seeking to forge long-term relations to fully take advantage of this niche market opportunity. We work under strict contract-only agreements with verified buyers mitigating the risk of planting produce that does not get sold.



The global production of dry chillies was 5.7 million metric tons in 2020 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.4%. France, the United Kingdom and Spain are the leading importing countries of chilli peppers from outside Europe. France and the UK, most significantly, are importing over 15 thousand tons from African producers.


"A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.” 

Having overcome a difficult first season under severe financial constraints, farming season 2021 has gotten off to a better start as the company has already secured seed funding from investors. The partners have also injected capital from credit raised in their personal capacity to show commitment to the project by having "skin in the game." With enough funds to kick start the process, work has already begun on our 3 farms in Limpopo and Gauteng. The team aims to plant 100Ha of chilli to supply both fresh and dry chilli which our clients have committed to purchase.

After a successful 1st round of capital raising, Securicore is currently raising capital to plant 100Ha. In return, the company is offering above-average returns for the investment partners.

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Christiaan & Co.

We see potential in this venture and have confidence in Johan and the team, that is why we have invested in them.

I am happy to back the guys for the long-haul, I am willing to invest more if I see that the promises for the 1st year have been kept.

The numbers looked reasonable, the projected returns are favorable and the risk is manageable. The off-take agreement sealed it... We are In.

Thembi & Team

Anne G.