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Our Story

Global Markets Meets Local Excellence

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We are contracted to plant and supply a variety of peppers, vegetables, grains, and animal feed. We pride ourselves on our accreditation in Agriculture training and development. Based on the consistency, and quality of our products and our ability to maintain professional business relationships with our clients we are known as one of the preferred partners to our clients. As a sign of commitment to our craft and our clients, we have grown our contractual agreement with one of our major clients from 4 hectares in year one to 550 hectares in just 2 years. We are committed to creating sustainable jobs through our crop production, harvesting and factory works.

Our contract farming Clients

Global Markets Meets Local Excellence

The company's target market segments consist of buyers who seek to leverage the great farming climate in the upper region of South Africa. These buyers represent some of the continent’ s biggest retailers and food manufacturers, they seek farming partners who can produce superior quality at scale with consistency and reliability

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Our Objectives

Global Markets Meets Local Excellence

  • To fulfill our contractual agreements with our Established clients.

  • To monetize an opportunity that will generate passive income for all shareholders.

  • To run a revenue stream that only need oversight from Securicore Systems Team and not shareholder or investor labor.

  • To build a business that will be stable in any economy as learned in the recent global pandemic.

  • To maintain our position as one of the preferred partners to our clients.

The Place Where natural flavour is born

Humble Beginnings

very first season we planted. Only 4 hectar

We did 4 hectares of Cayenne peppers in year one. This is where we learnt most of our lessons in crop production

Maize fields
Sunflower 1

pride ourself in flavour & Quality

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