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WHY WE teach

At Securicore we believe in the Principle of Family Unity. Our company is founded on the bond of the Majola family. Poverty and Unemployment has had devastating effects on family structures and communities.

Securicore has over the past years partnered with various organizations to bring practical skills to the marketplace, our believe is that our Agri-related skill have the potential to restore order in our families by providing sustainable income opportunities. 

Cattle at Sunrise


Animal Husbandry Specialization.

Get the required skills to raise high quality animals for the market place. Choose from any of our SETA accredited courses in Pig production, Dairy production, poultry production and plus 13 other practical courses.


Plant Production Specialization

Get specialized knowledge and training in growing your our crops and plants. Choose from Hydroponics, Horticulture, agronomy and many other short courses.

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm
Dairy Farm


Basics of Artificial Insemination

Get this market sought after skill today. Learn the basics of Artificial Insemination practice and get your foot into this ever green field.

Non Agri-Training

Equipping the nation

Artisan skills will always be in demand, Securicore has partnered with various organizations to offer our communities valuable skills. Choose from SETA accredited course such as Welding, Plumbing , Industrial electrical course, Occupational Health & Safety, Carpentry, Brick laying, Building and civil construction, Construction Supervision and Construction Contracting.

Construction Manager