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Why Choose us?

Securicore has secured contracts from local markets and exporters to farm over 3000 ha of variety of crops. The company is seeking to forge long-term relations to fully take advantage of this niche market opportunity. We work under strict contract-only agreements with verified buyers mitigating the risk of planting produce that does not get sold.

the market

We are proud to announce that we are now planting various crops in 7 of the 9 provinces in South Africa, with plans to start operation in the last 2 provinces in the next summer planting season. We pride ourselves on creating much needed jobs trough out all of the provinces where we currently operating and supporting farmers with markets, skills and knowledge to scale their businesses and build a sustainable economy.

Image by Scott Goodwill



Christiaan & Co.

"We see potential in this venture and have confidence in Johan and the team, that is why we have invested in them."

Anne G.

"I am happy to back the guys for the long-haul, I am willing to invest more if I see that the promises for the 1st year have been kept."

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